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Dawn of the Surf Guitar

For this latest release I wanted to make an album that reflects the history of electric instrumental guitar – one that resonates from the early 60s instro/surf sound, but with a modern twist. It was all recorded the old way – real guitars, amps, microphones and with minimum digital interference.

While putting the album together I came across an old multi track tape of a song that Atlantics drummer extraordinaire, Peter Hood, and myself were working on. I had a listen and decided to finish it off. The drum track was so good and had so much of Peter’s energy. That song is Terminator. You’ll know it when you get to it!

Being a fan and growing up with this style of guitar music it was a pleasure to write and record these new songs. Basically I wanted to make an album of great songs with great sounds. I hope I achieved that. Here are the 12 songs of the Dawn of the Surf Guitar album.